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Welcome to Ultimate Basketball Athletic Academy!

Ultimate Basketball Athletic Academy will train and develop young athletes in a holistic way in the area of basketball.

At the Ultimate Basketball Athletic Academy we believe in every child’s potential. We take pride in being a top notch basketball club that is a non-for-profit organization. We take Youth Basketball development seriously starting with our house league then moving on to our competitive teams and ultimately leading to American Athletic Union (AAU) basketball circuit.

Basketball is a game and it should be fun. If you are interested in having lots of fun but nothing too serious then you are a perfect fit in our house league program.

If you are serious baller, then you might want to consider our local competitive league program as well as AAU. Being part of a local team or a travelling AAU team requires serious approach to practising as well as a great commitment from parents. Anyone wishing to have a chance in playing professional basketball one day should consider competitive local and AAU options.

It should be noted that we also provide various basketball camps throughout the year for those players wishing to hone in particular skills, prepare for upcoming competitive season or simply to learn new skills to improve their game.

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