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BallForAll.Net is a basketball community that helps youth get access to the game of basketball.

How will BallForAll.Net accomplish this goal?

BallForAll.Net will accomplish its goal by ensuring all basketball players has the necessary resources and tools to acheive their goals.

BallForAll.Net resources include special events and programs to youth and organizations ensuring basketball youth development.

Here is a list of the special events and programs BallForAll.Net will provide to basketball players, basketball fans, coaches, parents and organizations:

World Basketball Championship (WBC) in Las Vegas
BallForAll.Net Basketball boys and girls Club Teams
BallForAll.Net Basketball workshops & clinics for coaches and players

BallForAll.Net Basketball Summer and March Break basketball camps
BallForAll.Net 3 on 3 basketball tournaments
BallForAll.Net Social (engaging digital hub), profile page, cartoon script, and more
BallForAll.Net eFitness Club

BallForAll.Net Foundation
BallForAll.Net free tutoring service

World Basketball Championship (WBC)
WBC is the first and only basketball tournament experience of its kind in North America. Just imagine players from the USA and Canada playing against players from England, Italy or France in Las Vegas.  Also, highschoolers will have the opportunity to interact with more college coaches, enabling more scholarship chances.

BallForAll.Net Basketball Club Teams

BallForAll.Net will have boys and girls basketball teams U10, U12, U14, U16, who will have the opportunity to compete against teams across Canada and USA as well as competing against teams from various countries.

BallForAll.Net 3 on 3 tournament

BallForAll.Net will kick of its inaugural campaign by having a 3 on 3 tournament Fall of 2014

BallForAll.Net Basketball Camps

BallForAll.Net will have Summer and March Break basketball camps locally in the Durham Region in Canada.

Basketball Workshops & Clinics
BallForAll.Net will work with various basketball organizations to teach players and various coaches of all level basketball a number of basketball techniques and philosophies of various coaches.

BallForAll.Net Social Profile
BallForAll.Net users can create their own basketball profile with the ability to add friends, upload videos, upload pictures, update calendar, message friends and more.
Sweepstakes and fundraising opportunities for players, clubs, high schools to experience BallForAll.Net outreach programs.
Basketball facts and opinions from various sources around the world.
The opportunity for users to connect to various college basketball career development resources such as college recruiting organizations, coaches and members of sport governing bodies (eg. Canada & USA Basketball).
A cartoon strip where players can interact withâ?¯characters while having the opportunity to contribute to the storyline in real time by emailing the BallForAll.Net's website.

BallForAll eFitness Club
BallForAll.Net feels fitness plays a vital role in the development of a basketball player. Therefore BallForAll.Net has provided players, fans, parents and coaches access to an online fitness world that is customize and totally interactive.

BallForAll.Net Foundation will dedicate a tremendous about of effort and resources to help non-for-profit organizations around the world such as SickKids and anti Bullying.

ICAN is the acronym for International Children Achievers Network. ICAN represents an icon that opens up a world of infinite possibilities to children and youth. We are a human development organization reaching out to children and youths across cultures and ethnicities.

The ICAN Empowerment Initiatives is headed by a Management team that possesses a desire to holistically develop today's youth, and to provide avenues for the development of the potential of the next generation.

The Management team is comprised of both engaged qualified adult volunteers and young people. The team comprises professionals from various fields within both the for profit and non-profit sectors.

The unique mix of professionals with the young leaders provide a strategic access portal for the transfer of certain skill sets and competencies from the adult team members to the youth team members.

Being involved with ICAN Empowerment Initiatives provides an excellent training opportunity for youths interested in occupying executive positions in the corporate and social sector. The Executive Director is a Law student who has been mentored by adult professionals with several years experience in the non-profit sector, and who possesses a driving desire to impact the youth of her generation and the next.
Being a youth initiative charged with the responsibility of empowering youths for the fulfilling of their purpose, the founders of ICAN saw a real need among various youth - especially at risk youths - for expert guidance and appropriate direction. In 2003, the International Children Achievers Network (ICAN) originated as part of a wider human development initiative. In 2004, the ICAN reading club was established to develop literacy skills among at risks youths in Scarborough Ontario.

Acknowledging the serious need for guidance and direction, ICAN decided to hold itself accountable in being a key resource and therefore broadened its scope by reaching out to all young people in need. In 2014, ICAN Youth Empowerment Initiatives was launched as a stand alone non profit entity in Ontario. The intent is to expand the Empowerment program offerings to all young people including those at risk.

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